My name is Andrea and I’m a blogger of many interests. I live in San Francisco  with my dog and I started this blog as a means of expressing my opinions and giving advice on various topics like politics, education, medicine and more. I aim to educate and help people possibly earn a different view on things.

I like to write about how younger people, especially students can influence all different factors in our lives. In a country as big as ours, we will always face problems in politics and the government will not always be the one we chose over our vote. But if students can make an impact with their decisions, they should definitely know about it.

The educational system has been degraded and it is our responsibility as young people to pass our personal knowledge on to others who might need it. That’s why I like to focus on many topics and not just one. I always like to make sure that whatever I write about is valid and will be helpful to whoever reads it.

I personally have a very busy schedule and live a very hectic life. But I am a person who is always doing something and I always find myself in conversations with people from all backgrounds. I really love the interaction through this blog as well with my audience and I always like to get to know people whenever I can. I strongly believe that you have something to earn from whoever you meet and this blog gives me a great opportunity to meet many great people.

I always work hard to update this blog on time and to write about topics that I believe are valid, helpful and new so that my readers can benefit from reading them. Thank you for following my posts and I promise I’ll keep doing my best to provide you with good quality content.