Health is an important factor to consider it comes to work because good medical statuses among individuals at work determine the productivity of a firm and enhances the achievement of its future ambitions. (Liberty International, 1995). Employees often develop medical challenges in the workplace that tend to affect their urge to execute duties during work. The health concerns that occasionally affect individuals in the workplace include poor health habits and medical conditions that develop in certain situations. Smoking, stress, and inadequate body exercise are the poor medical behaviors that employees often develop that lowers their willingness to work. For instance, and individual smoking may frequently miss reporting for work. Health conditions that may hinder someone from taking responsibility at work include headache mirages, allergies, and depression. Stress lowers the morale for working since the employee cannot concentrate towards work. Insufficient body exercise often leads to physical unfitness that limits the rate of productivity of an individual.

Stress proves challenging for employees at work since the individuals lose focus towards performing their responsibilities. Therefore, it calls for practices that will end or reduce the situation. One of the ways to reduce stress is to organize and prioritize duties when overwhelmed by work. Besides, it is advisable to take care of oneself. Maintaining personal health can be done by getting enough sleep, choosing a suitable diet for food, avoiding drug abuse, and seeking an alternative listener (Liberty International, 1995). It is also possible to reduce stress by breaking poor work habits. Lateness, nasty attitudes towards other workers, and the tendency to attain perfection are some of the undesirable behaviors at work that cause stress. It is also important to identify the symptoms of stress at work. The research studies conducted recently reveal that occupational health and safety will continue creating challenges to firms in future (Liberty international, 1995). The health problems will often affect people at work. Besides, stress would be inevitable although it is controllable.