Writing is fun. Anyhow, content creation can also become boring. In actuality, most university learners experience writer’s block when handling school projects.

Frustration then builds in and causes the affected students to drop out of school. That, however, should not be your fate. All you must do is use the following strategies to conquer writer’s block.

  • Work After Rest

Writing a superb essay becomes a challenge when you are hungry and tired. Moreover, you must only work after a good rest. Remember, a rested mind churns out ideas like the conveyor belt in a factory.

More so, it would be best if you fed well. Packing your body with enough calories gives you the energy you need to think. Even better, you avoid getting distracted by a rumbling stomach.

  • Draft Before Perfecting The Report

Did you know that writing without editing eliminates writer’s block? Experts encourage college learners to draft ideas first before anything else. You can then perfect the report after you have put all the main themes on paper.

  • Avoid Distractions

Do your friends encourage you to accompany them on a drinking spree now and then? If so, then you need to avoid them at all costs, especially when working on an essay. Switching your phone to voicemail, for instance, can advance your cause.

More so, it would be best if you found the perfect spot for writing your paper. A quiet room, for example, keeps you motivated to research and write your essay. In short, concentrate on what matters to prevent your mind from deviating from the primary activity.

  • Breakdown The Report Into Manageable Steps

A school report is a robust undertaking. Moreover, you must subdivide the assignment into manageable steps. Using an outline is, therefore, a recommendation given that a superb structure allows you to fill in relevant information fast.

  • Challenge Your Mind

Brainstorming is an excellent way of conquering writer’s block. In actuality, in-depth thinking keeps your brain active. Yet there is more.

You also need to approach each task with immense curiosity. Using the best translation site will give you the motivation to tackle a school project fast. Even better, curiosity keeps you open to unexpected possibilities.

  • Let A Schedule Guide You

Running a routine is boring. In actuality, a schedule creates monotony. However, a timetable can also be useful.

Recall, it allows you to allocate sufficient time to studies. Therefore, you can concentrate more on an assignment without worrying about missing a deadline. It is that simple!

  • Practice How To Write During Your Free Time

Are you aware that practice makes people perfect? You, therefore, need to hone your skills when free. Luckily, you can take on a few writing tasks online to boost your creativity.

  • Have Fun

Fun is pleasant to the soul. It relieves stress and depression. That settled, you must watch a movie, listen to great music, or dance during your pastime. The key here is to recondition your mind for greatness.

  • Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination steals your productivity away. Even worse, you fail to reach your full potential when you set your priorities wrong. Anyhow, it is easy to prevent writer’s block when you focus on the things that matter.

  • Work With The Experts

Is brainstorming a challenge for you? Then it would be best if you worked with the experts. Writing professionals will feed you with the right ideas and techniques for completing assignments fast.


Writer’s block is a condition that affects all scholars under the sun. You must, therefore, use the tips listed above counter its effects. After all, you still have to deliver your term paper on time, and again, meet examiner requirements.

 Maladaptive behaviours are the result of numerous causes which have been developed over the years. Historically, maladaptive behaviours were thought to emanate from demon possession while the problem is viewed as a medical issue in the modern world. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a term that refers to persistent and irrepressible images or thoughts that force one to take a particular action. Compulsion is the result of an obsession and it causes one to behave negatively and perform weird mental acts. According to Cox & D’Oyiey, 2011), these disorders may be innate and are usually a way of repressing something bad or preventing pain.

            The serious medical conditions resulting from OCD cause financial burdens and makes it impossible for an individual to perform normally. OCD leads to the development of serious medical conditions including anorexia and schizophrenia among others. Cox & D’Oyiey (2011) and Covin, Ouimet, Seeds & Dozois, (2008) explain that OCD issues such as anorexia lead to body wasting away and in extreme circumstances death due to malnutrition. Schizophrenia makes it impossible for one to function normally. Management and treatment of maladaptive behaviour is quite costly in terms of the time and money, a reason why they need to be identified and prevented prior to their development. Cox and D’Oyiey

            Over the years, behavioural treatments were used in the management of maladaptive behaviours. These were based on the ideology that there must have been a problem with learning for one to develop maladaptive behaviours. Classical, operant and social learning are some of the theories used in the development of approaches to deal with maladaptive behaviours. With time, CBT was introduced as the sole way of dealing with the issue.

            One of the most effective treatments of OCD is CBT. CBT caters for all the needs of the patient and this ensures that the patient is completely healed. For instance, when it comes to treating a condition such as Anorexia, CBT begins by taxing the thought process. This is because most maladaptive behaviours stem from thoughts (Hoffman & Smits, 2008). This therapy then transforms that thought into something positive. For instance, if a patient is suffering from Anorexia, they are made to believe that food is good. By targeting the thought process CBT arrests the negative mental aspects brought about by OCD and in their place they plant something positive. The resulting effect is a situation that allows the patient to analyse reality and create positive thought.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

            CBT is an approach that targets the behavioural change within an individual. The approach focuses on the perception, expectations and thoughts of a client. CBT explores the way a patient may react with the factors in their surrounding and their contribution to the creation of maladaptive behaviours (Cox & D’Oyiey, 2011). CBT deals with maladaptive behaviours from the point of thought processes and the aspects that uphold these ways. Schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and anorexia are part of the maladaptive behaviours that are treated using this method as they target the behaviour, the surroundings and their contribution to the symptoms. The overall objective of any form of therapeutic intervention is to reduce symptoms, remit disorder and to improve functioning. Apparently, there are both traditional and modern forms of CBT with the main difference between the two being that modern CBT is a combination of a variety of interventions (Hoffman & Smits, 2008; Powers & Emmelkamp, 2008). The contemporary form of CBT is a result of the realization that traditional CBT could not meet the goals of therapeutic interventions. CBT should be used in combination with other treatments especially when dealing with older people otherwise its effectiveness reduces.  

My Understanding of CBT

            Generalized anxiety disorders have a high prevalence especially in certain populations and they often result maladaptive behaviours which are a financial burden to the society. While there are numerous traditional methods of approaching these psychological conditions, their treatment still remains a topic that is debated among scientists, with many of them strongly supporting the use of CBT while other psychotherapists stick to the traditional ineffective interventions (Covin, Ouimet, Seeds & Dozois, 2008). Some of these interventions are particularly helpful in the elimination or management of the symptoms. Needless to say, CBT is known to be highly effective especially as evidenced by the ability of this technique to cover the underlying causes of anxiety. Considering that generalized anxiety disorders are a combination of numerous problems, psychologists advocate for a combination of behavioural, psychotherapeutic and other methods in treating the problem. The effectiveness of CBT is impacted by the way the therapist practices and the relationship they have with the patient (Hunsley, Katherine & Zoe, 2014). Psychotherapeutic approaches are usually dynamic mainly because therapy is viewed as a package with varied theoretical practices you can read about this in this essay on psychology