As Benjamin Franklin said: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. I do both without compunction. First to be mentioned – I love writing. It`s the greatest passion in my life. Second, I feel the importance of bringing the meaning of life into the world, illustrating the bright sides a student can miss in the cycle of events going on and on and on around the campus. But wait, should I tell you a little bit about myself?

I`m Andrea and I`m a sophomore at Cleveland State University with the Bachelor of Fine Arts as my major. Outside of college life, I do blog posts about various events happening in my everyday life. Many of the topics I write about are based on my everyday experience. With the benefit of that, I can easily talk and give pieces of advice about something I personally know.

As well, during my freshman year, I faced with a homework issue. I had too much to complete and not enough time for all the paperwork. Due to that, I was urged to use writing websites online. To spill the beans, not all of the companies were honest and reliable (as it turned out in the end). Basing on those experiences I have started giving tips on writing prosperity a student can get if tries hard. Keep up with my blog for more useful tips, pieces of advice, and funny features.