Do you have any personal life? What do you do outside of college, books, blogging?

Of course I do. I just like my personal life to stay more personal. However, I can assure you that my boyfriend is totally cool with the kind of attention I get online and sometimes helps me with creation of some topics. Outside of school and blogging I attend dance classes at Charlotte Braun Dance studio. Actually, I have been dancing there since 2005 and have never regret.

You wrote a couple of psychology articles. What did you find the most difficult when completing them?

Well, the hardest part you always face with is the begging. Even if you have a few topics on your mind and have overthought the general ideas, you might not start putting your thoughts on the paper successfully. My recommendation to beginners: start with a plan, write it down, make a research, note the conclusions, double check all the previous information that you have gathered and then make a draft post. Re-read it the next morning and add some improvements. Is it looking good to you? It`s time to post your post!

Can you tell a bit more about yourself? What about your free time? Do you have any pets? Can you skate? What about karaoke evenings?

Thanks for asking! Yes, I can skate. Somehow, I`m a much better rollerskater than I am an ice one. My free time? I rarely have it. Yet, when I do, it`s always with friends and family. And no, no karaoke for me. Unless you`d like the crowd to run away screaming ><